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Cashflow Finance

Austral Lending Solutions can help with cashflow finance, so that your business can keep operating. We have the skills and the contacts to be able to obtain finance secured by accounts receivable or debtors to your business. This is a great alternative to traditional security and gives businesses financial flexibility which they wait for cash to come into the business.

You will have a dedicated point of contact who will work with you to understand your situation and business needs and provide the best solutions.

Common things we finance every day are:

Transport and Road Haulage
Temporary Labour Hire
Plant and Machinery Hire
Wholesale and Distribution
General Service Industries

These types of loans are typically:

Business focused
Secured by the accounts receivable or debtors of the business
A flexible alternative to using traditional security
Important business tool in cultivating the growth phase
A way to access 80% of your invoice $ amount within 48 hours of sending the invoice.

Our clients keep coming back to us because:

There is a lack of landed assets or equity in  bricks and mortars
This is a great source of working captical for the business
The bank has declined an overdraft
We are non bank lenders who make common sense decisions
We have a 48 hour approval time
We can get pre-approved finance for up to 12 months in advance
The client wants to grow their business
NO waiting for 60 days for clients to pay for work
We treat you as an individual and we care about you

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