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There are just so many events – expected and unexpected – that can impact our business operations. Up here in Queensland we’re used to extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and severe rain storms. At the moment down south they’re experiencing incredible storms – I mean the entire state of SA was blacked-out last week! There are floodwaters through NSW and Northern Victoria. The economic and personal loss from all this will be astronomical! And of course during the summer a great deal of our sunburnt country is frequently ravaged by bushfires.

So would your business survive if you had to rebuild it from scratch? You’ve no doubt got Business Insurance which will cover the cost of getting your physical assets back in order. But what about the loss of income which could go on for weeks, or even months? This is where Business Interruption Insurance may be worth considering as an integral part of your overall insurance package and remember. Some of the BII cover available based on a general search on the web are :-

– will cover you for loss of income if your business must close,

– higher expenses incurred in re-building or simply running your business in the aftermath of a disaster.

– Temporary relocation, training staff how to use replacement machinery and equipment, plus extra expenses outside operational costs associated with operating under these stressful conditions.

You’ve worked hard for your business, so don’t just protect your physical assets. How a business might be interrupted is unique. Make sure you protect the income streams that cover your operational costs and allow you to achieve the level of profit that you have worked so hard to secure. Call your favourite ins broker OR ask us for a referral to a good local insurance broker.