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As part of our process we provide free insurance cover for up to 30 days for 100% of home purchase customers from date of signing the contract, IF they want to take advantage of our link up with Allianz. The premium is paid usually once the contract has gone unconditional and only if Allianz is competitive will they retain the business.

As an added benefit we now have you covered for Emergency Home Assistance….find out if your current insurance cover has this?

Home and Contents Insurance has come a long way in recent years. So it’s no longer just the structural repairs, accommodation costs and contents replacement costs that are covered. You can now take an Emergency Home Assistance policy as an integral part of your total insurance package. Emergency Home Assistance covers events like being locked out of your home, burst pipes, roof and guttering damage, broken or burst hot water/heating/cooling systems, broken windows, blocked toilets or drains and even gas leaks. This is a 24 hour service because emergencies can happen at any time and the relevant tradespeople are dispatched to fix the problem. Easy.

We’ve got a fabulous offer running at the moment. If you arrange your Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy through us / Allianz now, you’ll receive an Emergency Home Assistance Policy included at no cost for the next three months! We’ve got you covered.