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I certainly didn’t need convincing and I know I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s official confirmation! A recent national survey conducted by the First Home Buyers Association found that First Home Buyers (FHB) believe mortgage brokers to be the most trusted industry professionals. Over one third (38%) of FHB found mortgage brokers to be the most useful service, while trust in our services rated most highly with 24-36 year olds with 60% of that demographic finding our services to be the most useful, well above real estate agents at 25%, buyers agents at 11%, building inspectors at 6% and conveyancers at 4%.

This is high praise indeed and we don’t take it lightly. The purchase of that first home is a big step, so it is indeed an honour that those taking that step overwhelmingly trust us. But this is a well-earned accolade as we’ve worked very hard over the years to educate consumers about just why they should choose us when seeking their first home loan.

While the survey targets FHB, there is no denying that mortgage brokers’ skills extend well beyond that market segment. Our highly personalised service delivers individually crafted loan and re-financing packages for private and commercial customers, our multi-accreditation gives us access to a wide range of reputable large and small lenders and we’re lateral thinkers when looking at solid investment opportunities such as commercial and industrial property. So what’s not to trust – and love – about us??

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