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It’s probably not rocket-science to say that one of life’s necessary skills is to be financially adept and obviously the best time to become financially literate is during childhood.

Now, I’m not talking about being able to manage the nation’s budget, but it’s definitely more than helpful to have a working knowledge of financial management. Growing up, most of us were pretty familiar with the pocket-money-for-household-jobs equation and memories of depositing my hard-earned pocket money into my newly minted school banking programme account are as fresh as if it were yesterday.

But with the move away from cash to plastic and online banking, many children don’t get to see cash transactions, so an understanding of the value of money can be diminished and this can end in tears later in life. Sometimes it’s not until we go for a loan that the true value of money sinks in. Annika Bradley’s article struck a chord with me. She highlights the basic lessons that can and should be taught at home and in school. An early savings plan and careful management will help that nest egg grow into a healthy golden goose. And of course, when it’s time to think about investing those savings in a home or business, our highly skilled team can help you realise your dream.

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