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Family Protection Insurance

Protecting your family against financial hardship is important and Austral Lending Solutions will help you find the right insurance protection for you. We will look at your situation and provide you with affordable insurance solutions that will cover you for what you need. We won’t try to sell you extra’s that don’t need or want.

You will have a dedicated point of contact who will work with you to understand your situation and provide the best solutions.

We help clients with a variety of financial issues including:

Budgeting Advice
Savings Plans
Bank account structuring to encourage savingr
Cashflow maximisation
Ongoing monitoring of budgeting and loan plan
Streamlining of bank accounts and fees
Consolidation Advice
Advice for loan arrears
Help with credit issues
Resolution of tax arrears

Common Areas We Help Our Clients With Include:

To protect their children and family financially
The solutions are affordable
Can be tax deductable
Refinance lending into the least number of loans
As a fall back for unplanned events

Our clients keep coming back to us because:

Policies can be set up over the phone
We are non invasive
We design solutions to protect your assets
If we arrange a loan we will provide a quote to cover the debt for traumatic and unplanned events
We set up lending limits to enable you to make purchase decisions easily.
We protect your family
We protect your business client
We are able to get things done quickly and efficiently
We are much faster than using a bank
We have 100 plus years experience in lending in the office
All our staff live locally and know the area
We treat you as an individual and we care about you.

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